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FAQS About Tree Removal Services


Will they give an updated certificate of insurance as well as copies of their work contract? Keep in mind that this is the most vital question of all. You would want to make sure that they are insured and that you will not be responsible for any injuries, accidents or damages.


What are the credentials of the company? Try to avail the services of a company that has an ISA certificate or international society of arboriculture, TCIA or Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA) Accredited Business, as well as CTSP or Certified Tree Care Safety Professional. Will they work near to the electrical conductors? If yes, then they must be certified line-clearance arborists.


Can they give you with a list of references? Any top rate company will be more than willing to give you a list of their satisfied clients. Ask for clients that they have worked with last month or so, don't settle for those clients they worked with a long time ago.


Will they provide you with a detailed estimate? Obtain written estimates from three different tree remove companies and compared and contrast the prices and know the scope of their job like stump clearing which can lead to the next question.


How will they approach the job and what equipment are they going to use? You certainly don't want a huge power equipment to drive in your lawn as well as flowerbeds which can cause unnecessary collateral damages. If they will go across your lawn, then be certain that they know where the sprinkler heads are located as well as other things that can be damaged. What is their policy if there are any damages that will take place? It can be a great idea to take a photo of the area before you start the work so that you will have any records in the event that damages will happen. Be certain that you understand how they will clean up before as well as after their tree removal Eagan MN task.


Does the company seem professional? What is the appearance of their company truck, is well taken care so well? Is the truck still in good shape and clean? If they don't care that much in their equipment, then do you think that they will be able to take good care of your tree and property? Does the company have a website? Does it looked like to be designed by a professional?